Hisense 75″ U8 Series 4K ULED Quantum Dot Google TV (75U88H)

The Hisense U88H series features a mini LED upgrade paired with Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot, and delivers vibrant colours, impressive contrast and a remarkable bright picture for a fantastic HDR experience.

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Hisense 75U88H 4K ULED Overview

Featuring a Mini LED upgrade paired with Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot, the U88H delivers vibrant colours, impressive contrast, and remarkable bright picture for a fantastic HDR experience.

With a 120Hz Refresh rate, a peak brightness of up to 1500 nits, and picture upgrades like IMAX Enhanced, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ, state-of-the-art picture quality with Dolby IQ and HDR10+, the U88H takes picture quality to a new level. The newly engineered U88H meets the demands of consumers looking for a next level audio visual experience with the latest upgrades.

The newly integrated NEXTGEN TV (ATSC 3.0) offers extensive options to watch content in 4K HDR and Dolby Audio. For those looking for a stunning picture, large screen sizes, and a robust set of premium features, the U88H delivers.

Hisense U8 Series

The entertainment you love, with a little help from Google. Google TV™ brings together movies, shows, and more from across your apps and subscriptions and organizes them just for you. Discover new things to watch with recommendations based on what you watch and what interests you. Ask Google to find movies and shows, answer questions, control smart home devices, and more, with your voice. And with the Google TV app you can watch what you want, anytime, anywhere.

Hisense U8 Series


Quantum Dot

With 1 billion+ shades, Hisense Quantum Dot ULED TV displays true lifelike colours and reproduce a larger colour palette with beautiful gradation, elevating the overall picture quality to a remarkable level with authentic colour, brilliant contrast, clear motion, and distinct details.

Dolby Vision – Atmos

See and hear what you’ve been missing. Connect more deeply to the shows and movies you love when you watch them in Dolby. Dolby builds a deeper connection to the stories and characters you love and take your entertainment to new heights when you stream your favorite shows and the best movies.

120Hz Ultra Motion Sports Mode

The native 120Hz refresh rate and Sports Mode remove “noise” using a dynamic algorithm tailored to moving objects, so it creates a truly vibrant, crystal-clear sports scene. It also enhances surround sound effects, delivering a full, lifelike crowd sound, while the commentator stays clear and focused.

Mini LED

The Mini LED’s used in the U88H are much smaller than conventional LED’s allowing for significantly more LED’s on a single panel.

1500 nits Peak Brightness

A higher number of nits for a given image means that TVs with HDR technology can reach a higher contrast ratio. With higher nits comes better contrast, which allows the U88H to better differentiate between bright and dark scenes without losing much needed detail.

High Speed HDMI ports

Higher resolutions, higher frame rates and more bandwidth are just a few of the things that allow gamers to take advantage of new graphics features on new generation gaming consoles. Game at 4K up to 120 fps, with speeds up to 48gbps. The high speed HDMI ports on the U88H offers support for eARC, giving you a more simplified connection between your TV and sound system.

Hi View Engine

The brains behind the operation, the Hisense Hi-View Engine powers to enhance the picture quality scene-by-scene. The algorithm simulates the neural network, intelligently optimizing the picture through deep-learning for an adaptive and brilliant viewing experience.

Ambient Light Adaptive

By adjusting the contrast and brightness automatically, the TV turns your viewing space into a home cinema that you can enjoy to its full extent at any time of the day.

IMAX Enhanced

Means your TV meets strict performance standards across viewing mode, resolution, colour, brightness, contrast, and sonic fidelity. Defined by a certification committee of IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s leading technical specialists, IMAX Enhanced certified TVs deliver IMAX signature picture and DTS immersive sound from your own home.

Full Array Local Dimming Pro

Local dimming controls the backlights located behind your TV screen, ensuring you can catch all the action through increased contrast in dark scenes. The 55U88H has 336 local dimming zones on it’s full-array backlit LED panel. This provides richer blacks, astonishing highlights, overall improved brightness, increased contrast ratios and panel uniformity to further enhance your movie-watching experience.

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