Hisense 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine WTJA1102T

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  • Washing capacity: 10.5kg
  • Energy star rating: 3 stars
  • Supply voltage:  220 – 240 / 50
  • Cabinet: PCM
  • Drum: Diamond
  • Inner drum: Stainless steel
  • Spin speed: 650 RPM
  • Water pressure: 0.03 – 0.8 Mpa
  • Dimension: 550x604x969

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KSh 49,999

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Hisense 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine WTJA1102T price in Kenya is 46500 Shillings. The Top Load washing machine features a washing capacity of 10.5kg and a power-off memory function.

The Hisense WTJA1102T 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine boasts a hydraulic damping protection Lid that is specially designed to prevent the lid from slamming closed, hence, protecting your machine and making it easier to remove your laundry.  The super-quick wash saves you time by washing lightly soiled laundry within 15 minutes.

The power-off protection enables your WTJA1102T 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine machine to remember which phase of the cycle it was in, in the event of a power outage and resume the cycle once powered up again. Additionally, the smart fuzzy logic technology auto function ensures the perfect amount of water is used for the amount of laundry in the cycle. It also makes washing to be more convenient.

The WTJA1102T 10.5Kg Top Load Washing machine is specially designed to stand the test of time since it has a waterproof and durable control panel. What’s more with the WTJA1102T 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine?. The Machine automatically scans for faults. It will alert you of the fault & stop the washing cycle to prevent damage to the machine. This gives you more reason to buy the WTJA1102T 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine. Buy Hisense WTJA1102T 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine online at best price in Kenya at Denfatech

Hisense 10.5Kg Top Load WTJA1102T price and specs in Kenya

Price in Kenya Ksh. 46500
Capacity 10.5kg
Display LED
Programs Heavy, Cotton, Synthetics, Mix, Fuzzy, Silk/delicates, Wool, Intensive, Lingerie, Quick, Shirts, Sportswear, Big items, Rinse+spin, Eco, Memory
Dimensions 580 x 604X969
Transparent Lid Glass Door
Cabinet color Titanium Grey
Warranty 2 years
Water Level 10
Water pressure 0.03 – 0.8
Time delay 0-24h
Maximum spin speed 650 RPM
Adjustable feet 1/ Left Front
Push-button Program / Water Level / Start(Pause) / Power(On/Off)
Washing process Soak / Wash / Rinse / Spin


Hisense 10.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine WTJA1102T measures 580 x 590 x 968 mm bearing a capacity of 10.5Kg. It has an LED display, Glassdoor, and appears in Titanium Grey color. the design of this new machine is elegant and classy. The machine has a couple of washing programs to ensure you can do a wide range of fabrics. The glass lid is made as part of this machine to help you watch the process clearly. This lid closes softly, safely, and also silently thus reducing the risks of accidents.


There are up to 16 washing programs in this smart system meant to ease your home and commercial chores. These include Heavy, Cotton, Synthetics, Mix, Fuzzy, Silk/delicates, Wool, Intensive, Lingerie, Quick, Shirts, Sportswear, Big items, Rinse+spin, Eco, and Memory. In addition to this is the extra-rinse function. This ensures no detergent residue on clothes as well as deep cleaning by offering increased rinsing cycles. If you want to get the air-dry feature, then you will have to go for the Hisense WJA1302T 13kg.


Just as it has been the case in Hisense WJA1302T 13kg having bubble cleaning so is this machine. Hisense 10.5 Kg Top Load machine has a detergent box appearing as a maze-like structure. It fastens the detergent dissolving and activation thus creating bubbles. These bubbles penetrate deep into fabric fibers to remove tough stains.


This is a functionality that makes your fabrics soft regardless of the amount of detergent added while doing the laundry. Your clothes will still be soft and soothing thus more comfortable at all times without irritating the skin.


Smart fuzzy

Smart fuzzy Control Technology is in place to avoid overworking the machine or damaging it. It weighs the laundry and balances the water adequate to wash them. This, therefore, means that it will also save on water as the exact amount is used for the right quantity of clothes.

Power off Technology

The technology that protects your machine from power surges. It’s some intelligence that gives the machine memory. In case of power shortage, the machine can take over from where it is left once powered.

Self-clean Tub

Upon finishing your work with the machine this tub gives it a thorough cleaning. This way you are saved from bacteria and germs as well as keeping the machine fresh.

Delay End

This is a smart feature that allows you to load laundry and select the preferred washing end time. This not only saves power but also unnecessary noise at particular times.

Double Magic Filter

There are two filters in this machine that make cleaning much easy. It automatically filters out fiber and other debris on clothes. This way your laundry remains spotless and healthy as well.


Hisense WTJA1102T 10.5 Kg top load washing machine makes it easier for all users as it has self-diagnostic tools allowing you to troubleshoot the machine yourself. The system automatically detects incorrect usage or faults and lets you know.


This Hisense 10.5Kg washing machine is such an energy-saving machine with a voltage of 220-240/50. To better the functionality of this washing machine, the wide voltage eases washing under unstable voltage conditions. The wide range aids the machine to adapt to varying voltages so it can work normally. This way you can do your laundry at all times.

There is a feature in the machine that allows you to load the machine and select the preferred washing period. This means the machine goes off once done. This way you can always avoid unnecessary noise at home at certain times of the day. The Hisense machine is safe to have with kids around the house as it comes with a child lock so it’s secure.

WHY BUY Hisense WTJA1102T 10.5kg Top Load Washing Machine?

  • Most importantly is the Child lock making the machine child friendly
  • Huge capacity
  • Time, energy, and water-saving
  • Safe for homes with children
  • Several washing Programs
  • Easy to manage with the malfunction auto-detect
  • Delay End time

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