TCL P560CDN 470 Liter Cross Door Refrigerator

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TCL P560CDN 470 Liter Cross Door Refrigerator

The TCL P560CDN 470 Liter Cross Door Refrigerator is a excellent refrigerator designed to elevate your food storage experience, incorporating Advanced Adaptive Technology (AAT) for optimal efficiency. With its Multi Air Flow system, the refrigerator ensures consistent temperature distribution, preserving the freshness of your groceries.

Precise Temperature Control allows you to customize and maintain the ideal climate for different food items. The LED lighting illuminates the spacious interior, enhancing visibility and accessibility. Powered by the Twin Eco Inverter, this refrigerator not only operates quietly but also promotes energy savings. Its Electronic Control panel offers intuitive and convenient management.

The appliance features dedicated Wet-Dry Storage compartments, a Twist Ice Maker for quick ice production, and Total No Frost technology to prevent frost buildup. Additional functionalities such as Power Cool & Power Freeze, Holiday Function, and Alarm Function further enhance the versatility of this refrigerator, making it a perfect blend of innovation and convenience for your kitchen.

Easy to Stay Frost Free

Total No Frost

Prevent time waste on manual defrosting. Cool air is circulated inside the refrigerator by processing of the twin eco inverter. The steady temperature inhibits the growth of ice.


Deliver Coolness Faster

Power Cool & Power Freeze

Experience the quick cooling properties. With the press of one button, Power Cool increases the cooling rate to chill your drinks and food rapidly. Power Freeze also enhances the cooling effect to freeze your frozen food and ice.


Select What You Want with One Touch

Electronic Control

It is handy to select the ideal mode on demand. There is also a special one that can control the fridge and freezer independently, helping families arrange the storage spaces during vacation. Meanwhile, it is energy-saving.


Cool Air around Everywhere

Multi Air Flow

Ensuring food is appropriately chilled in TCL P560CDN refrigerator. Food wherever placed is encircled by cool air. That is why freshness is preserved for a long time.



The special mineral material is added into the cabinet inner to make the refrigerator with the following advantages: Bacteriostatic, Purification, Antioxidation.


Wet-dry Storage

Store ingredients in dry and wet areas separately based on different humidity requirements, making it more convenient for people to find food precisely.


Alarm Function

If the door is left open for a long time, the alarm will remind consumers to close the door.


Easy to pull out

90° Accessible

The fridge can open and close the door within a 90° in corners. It allows accessing the food stored in the refrigerator conveniently, and is more suitable for a variety of home decoration environments.


Fit Bigger Bottles in This Space with TCL P560CDN

2L Bottle Space

The large-capacity door bottle frame can store frequently consumed beverages, so you can savor cold and delicious drinks at any time. Large bottles of beverages that the whole family needs every day can be easily placed in the door bottle frame.


Strong Enough

Tempered Shelves

Tempered glass is not easily prone to deform when placed with heavy objects. The space is adjustable, and easy to clean.


LED Light

The LED lighting is not only simple and concise, but also transparent and bright, ensuring the excellent illuminations to help the ingredients always be in a dazzling “fresh world”.


Twist Ice Maker

Unmould ice cubes with a simple gesture: the stored ice cubes do not stick together thanks to the ventilated coldness.


Store in More Ways

Adjustable Shelf

More convenient with removable shelves. When you need to place a large size of food in the fridge, it’s easy to change the height between the frames by taking a shelf out.


Preserve Freshness with Desired Humidity Levels

Humidity Slider Crisper

There are 2 adjustable humidity drawers for 4 different humidity storage combinations. It is easy to deliver the humidity level you need so as to keep the food fresh. Simply slide the lever to adjust the humidity in the compartment. Whether you are preserving fruit or vegetables, you can set the humidity to the appropriate level.

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