Product Specifications:
– Model: QF-605B
– Rated Voltage: 110V
– Rated Power: 1350W
– Capacity: 5L
– Touch Mode: Touch Control
– Product Size: 280*260*320mm
– Product Weight: 5Kg

KSh 10,000 KSh 12,000

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1. High Capacity: Cook large portions of food at once, perfect for families and gatherings.
2. Visible Window: Transparent glass window lets you see the cooking process without opening the lid.
3. User-Friendly Touch Screen: Easy-to-use touch controls for simple and convenient operation.
4. 8 Preset Menus: Choose from a variety of cooking modes including Fries, Potatoes, Fish, Cake, Shrimp, Wings, Meat, and Mut.
5. Quick Cooking: Powerful 1350W high power for fast and efficient cooking.
6. Healthier Cooking: Uses hot air to cook with less oil, resulting in crispy and delicious food.
7. Locks in Juices: High-temperature hot air seals in moisture, ensuring juicy and flavorful results.
8. Crispy and Tender: Surging heat creates a crispy outer layer while keeping the inside tender.
9. Easy to Clean: Nonstick materials and oil filtration design make cleaning a breeze.
10. Power Off Memory: Resumes cooking with original settings after removal and replacement.
11. Multi-Functional: Versatile cooking assistant for a variety of dishes.
12. Color Options: Available in multiple colors to match your kitchen’s style.
13. Additional Features: Non-slip mat for stability, hollow grill for easy oil filtering, heat dissipation grid for prolonged use, insulated handle for safety.


Introducing our Air Fryer, model QF-605B, designed to make cooking easier and healthier. With a generous 5L capacity, it’s perfect for sharing delicious meals with your family and friends.

The transparent glass window allows you to monitor your food as it cooks, and the user-friendly touch screen ensures effortless operation. Choose from 8 preset menus, including Fries, Potatoes, Fish, Cake, Shrimp, Wings, Meat, and Nut, making cooking a variety of dishes a breeze.

Powered by a 1350W high-power system, our Air Fryer quickly heats up, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection in no time. The hot air cooking technology locks in the natural juices of your ingredients, creating a crispy outer layer while maintaining tenderness inside.

The innovative oil filtration design and nonstick materials make cleaning up hassle-free. Our Air Fryer also features a power-off memory function, allowing you to continue cooking right where you left off.

With its multi-functional capabilities, sleek design, and available color options, our Air Fryer is not only a cooking appliance but also a stylish addition to your kitchen. Experience the joy of cooking healthier, delicious meals with our Air Fryer.

Upgrade your cooking experience with our Air Fryer and enjoy crispy, flavourful meals with ease.

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